Achieving a clean ocean (Eco Magazine article, December 2021)


Achieving a clean ocean - Eco Magazine article.pdf
Achieving a clean ocean - Eco Magazine article.pdf


Achieving a clean ocean: New ways to clean up our old mess

by Gordon Watson, Zoe Morrall and Andrew van der Schatte Olivier, University of Portsmouth


We live on a planet that is getting increasingly crowded. According to the UN, the world’s population is expected to reach 10 billion in just 30 years from now, with 80 million people born each year. As human civilization has developed, so has our consumption of the world’s resources and, in turn, our production of waste, resulting in significant impacts on ecosystems and the biosphere. One of the most insidious problems is eutrophication, caused by our sewage, runoff from agricultural fertilizers, and the feces from billions of livestock.

Published in Eco Magazine, December 2021