Oysters, Seaweed Algal mat, and Marine Worms restoring nature

There has been some great coverage of the RanTans project recently and it was featured on ITV News Meridian, BBC South Today TV, and Online News, as well as Wave 105 radio. This was a great opportunity to raise the profile of our research which is using natural solutions to improve water quality in coastal areas of the Solent, UK, and France (links are provided in English).

Readers and listeners are being reminded that worms and oysters may be the key to improving water quality in the English Channel, according to this current research. Our scientists at the universities of Portsmouth and Bournemouth are working with teams in France to tackle the increasing amount of green seaweed algae which can blanket areas of our coastline.

You can read more at the links below;
English Channel: Scientists use worms to solve algae threat – BBC News
A nature-based approach to improving water quality in English Channel coastal areas I Portsmouth I News

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