The past couple of months have been quite exciting for our project partners. We’ve split these highlights so be sure to keep an eye out in the coming weeks for more updates.  Let’s kick things off discussing all things  seaweed!

Online Algal Mat Toolkit

Centre d’Étude et de Valorisation des Algues (CEVA), have been developing an online algal mat interactive toolkit using monthly samples of algal mats that they collected themselves. Aerial imagery, monthly samples, and measures of nitrogen input into the Ledano mudflat are being used to investigate changes in the natural character of the habitat. A years’ worth of samples has already been collected and sent off for analysis.

In 2022, CEVA will use its research to inform the creation of more detailed modelling of results for the online algal mat toolkit, so keep an eye out for updates regarding this throughout the year!

Monthly Sampling

All the project partners have carried out monthly and seasonal samples for the whole of 2021. This information tells us about the extent, percentage coverage, genetic make up of the algal mat, sediment particle size, benthic community in the mat and underneath, organic matter and nitrates  found in the porewater and the algal mat.

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