RaNTrans Stakeholder Workshop Summaries (Nov 2022)


RaNTrans workshop summary document Dec 2022.pdf
RaNTrans workshop summary document Dec 2022.pdf


Project RaNTrans stakeholders provided various feedback during the November 3rd workshop sessions. These suggestions are outlined in the summary document.

Breakout session 1&2: looked at the future of our coast.

Participants were asked to individually rank ambitions, habitats and services/goods for coastal areas. For
example, in places like the Solent what they would like more of at the expense of something else, looking across;  Human Health, Food Security, Resources, and Biodiversity.

Breakout sessions 3 & 4: looked at water quality and biodiversity
Facilitated-workshop groups were asked to identify data gaps and research priorities to meet key policies that
will improve water quality and biodiversity in places like the Solent.

Breakout sessions 5: looked at sustainable exploitation (aquaculture)
Facilitated-workshop groups were asked to consider species/groups that may be suitable for culture or where
UK culture could be expanded to promote sustainable exploitation and food security

All ideas were summarised in Breakout session 6

Please read the full document to get the best understanding from these suggestions.